Tech-talks, conference videos, and other presentations that you should watch every year!

Individuals & Interaction Over Processes and Tools Kevlin Henney

Pay attention @ 47:30; Kevlin talks about an estimate becoming a target becoming a commitment, all under the “umbrella” of an estimate.

Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned Kenneth Stanley

Situation Normal, Everything Must Change Simon Wardley

A Culture of Innovation Patty McCord

It Is Possible to Do Object-Oriented Programming in Java Kevlin Henney

A History of Build Tools Josh Suereth

Understanding Latency - Coordinated Omission Gil Tene

Read Bead Experiment (esp. part 6) W. Edwards Deming

CQRS Class Greg Young

Antibodies of the Corporate Immune System Michael Nygard

Simple Made Easy Rich Hickey

Integrated Tests are a Scam JB Rainsberger

What We Actually Know About Software Development Greg Wilson

The Social Coding Contract Justin Searls

Cultural Change is Free John Seddon

The IT Disconnect Justin Weissig

Programming With Nothing Tom Stuart

From Hero to Zero Jennifer Davis

First In, Last Out Kevin Behr

There Is No Talent Shortage Andrew Shafer

Programming Style & Your Brain Douglas Crockford

The Future of Programming Bret Victor

Boundaries Gary Bernhardt

8 Lines of Code Greg Young

Maintaining Balance While Reducing Duplication (& Part II) David Chelimsky

A Practical Approach to Large Scale Agile Development Gary Gruver

Real Software Engineering (latest edition!) Glenn Vanderburg