• Action at a Distance

    I told them not to touch the power management code without doing some analysis… what could it possibly break?

  • Mac

    My fiancée loves her new Mac. I recevied this email earlier today.

  • What's in a Rakefile?

    I switched to Ruby and Rake for my .NET build over the last few months and it’s been freakin’ awesome! I came from msbuild .targets and “programming in XML”. I’ve basically stumbled upon a successful rake build along the way (and copied liberally from other projects). You can reference the whole thing and I’ll snip in each section as I explain it.

  • Migrating to Octopress!

    A coworker had recently moved her family blog from WordPress to Octopress. I already migrated from Google Sites to Blogger to Tumblr, ugh! I was fed up and wanted to control my content and own my own platform.

  • Event Handling Styles

    This is a reproduction of an email exchange with Dennis Kozora.

  • A Successful Solution Structure

    I’m writing specifically about .NET solution/project structure, but the principals probably apply to other languages/platforms.

  • Dangerous Software Errors

    In 2009, I responded to a professor at my alma mater about the list of top software errors.