• What Reviews Do You Practice?

    A professor of mine asked about the kinds of “reviews” that I have practiced in the industry. They cover a wide range of practices in the verification & validation classes. Times, practices, and industry has changed and so some of these are more popular and others are practically unheard of anymore.

  • Unemployment

    I left a great team at a startup in digital pathology last year. I was there for a few years, changed roles a couple of times, and saw the product and team really grow. I left when the regulatory situation became unbearable (that’s the topic of another post, entirely).

  • Interview with a Web Startup

    Interview questions from a local web startup.

  • Interview with a Ruby Shop

    Interview questions for a small, local Ruby shop.

  • Manual Database Change Management

    If you don’t have a database change management workflow and you aren’t using any tools, you need something, right? Some guidance, a structure, a starting point. You should be using a tool and you’d probably like to. Something like Roundhouse or Liquibase or… nevermind*. Until then, you have to make progress. You need to know when the upstream database is changed. You do have a test environment, right? And you need to be able to make and publicize your own changes.

  • TFS

    These are just a few of the things I learned from using TFS in Visual Studio.

  • Linear Development

    I only started using Mercurial (Hg) a few weeks ago, so I’m going out on a limb here. I’m going to describe what straight-line development is, why it’s valuable, and how to practice it! This is what the commit graph looks like on most days, especially after waiting a few days to push to the public repository. The best things about DVCSs can also induce headaches.