My fiancée loves her new Mac. I recevied this email earlier today.

Where is CTRL ALT DEL… If there is no equivalent, how can I find out what applications or processes are running in the background and force quit them when they’re not supposed to be running?

What is “mission control”? If it doesn’t show me stuff that’s running, what good is it?

How come a window opens for every freakin’ hard drive every time I turn this thing on? Am I too stupid to know which hard drive I intend on looking at, so they’re just like, “Here it is! Well, whatever you’re looking for is in one of theeese places! You’re welcome!”

Why are all my problems not solved? How come life isn’t easier and video doesn’t edit itself and I haven’t had sex with this computer yet?

How come my editing time is twice as long on a Mac as on a PC? I thought I was supposed to morph into a hipster artistic fricken genius/vegetarian by now.