See my resume on StackOverflow.

I am an experienced enterprise application developer; starting on the support desk, doing rotations with test teams, and focusing on configuration management (supporting “devops” activities).

I worked on classic multi-tier applications, middleware and backend software, services, databases, and messaging systems. I have experience with constrained platforms: kiosks and industrial mobile devices. I wrote frontend and control software for a medical device, including: robotics, linear motors, sensors, and cameras.

I practice design by testing (TDD/BDD) and use SOLID/DRY principles as guides to writing simple software. I encourage pair programming and code reviews (by pull-request, if possible). I’m a constant automator! I have skill on the command-line, with scripting languages, and task-based programming with Rake.

I enjoy teaching others by giving demos and short talks and by providing documentation. I communicate clearly and publicly, organizing information into READMEs, wikis, and knowledgebase/runbook formats.

Lately, I’ve gotten involved in build/release and operations lifecycle activities. I’m working on package management and automated system provisioning. We need to organize and work differently to scale application development and operations, especially on modern commoditized compute platforms (dare I say, the cloud).

I try to maintain focus on systems, workflows, and whole teams. I want to understand the constraints and bottlenecks. I believe in deriving internal motivation by connecting to the business value we’re creating for our customers.